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Job search when you work office hour

Job search when you work office hour


We've all been there. Desperate for better career prospects but too tired and stressed at the end of a long work day to spend yet more hours in front of the computer searching for jobs. It's easy to get stuck in this vicious cycle, but fret not, we're share a few simple tips to help you break the cycle.

1. Use your weekends wisely

The weekends are sacred and rightfully reserved for downtime and leisure, but if finding a new job is a priority, then giving up a few weekends would be well worth it. With efficient planning, you won’t even have to give up entire weekends. You could allocate the day for filtering job ads and writing up job applications, and reward yourself with a leisurely evening to unwind.

The trick is to be organised and use your time wisely. Disconnect from your social media feeds if you have to. Eliminate those distractions so you can focus on the task at hand.

2. Keep your resume updated

This is where you’ll shave precious hours off every job application. Having a current resume on file and on job sites such as jobsDB and professional online networks is one less thing you’ll have to worry about when you spot an interesting job ad. You’ll also increase your chances of being head-hunted if you have an updated resume online.


3. Engage a recruiter

If you prefer dealing with a human, engaging a recruitment agency (or two) might also come in handy. They're in a unique position of having influence over the advertiser's choice of candidates. If nothing else, getting advice from recruitment professionals might give you a better idea of employment trends and where you stand in your job search.

4. Utilise your annual leave

Last but not least, if you've been totally engrossed in your work, chances are you’ve also been neglecting your annual leave. What better reason to take a week off than to focus on your job search? To ensure minimal distractions, make it a holiday. Take a trip out of the city or treat yourself to a week at a relaxing resort. While you unwind, you can also channel renewed energy into your job hunt. 


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